A Miracle Happened as Two Motherless Sick Kittens Waited to Go to the Rainbow Bridge 🌈 | Lucky Paws

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Inside the cat house, they were desperately waiting for the rainbow bridge when I found the motherless kittens. I immediately took them in the carry case and took them to the panel fenced area where I treated the other stray cats. I gave them medicine and took care of the kittens. kittens have inflammation in their eyes and their general health is not good. I hope they stay strong.

Greetings from Lucky Paws. There are many stray cats living in our country. We have a dream. We established this channel to make this dream come true. Building a natural habitat for homeless animals. We are just at the beginning of the road. We believe we will make this dream come true one day. Would you like to join this family and help us make this dream come true?

You can watch videos of the cats – kittens we rescued from the street and adopted. In addition, we help many stray animals in our country in terms of feeding, housing, sterilization and treatment. You can support us by watching videos of thousands of animals in need of help.

➡The motto of our channel: Life is in your hands

the poor little kitten can’t stop crying after losing his brother
➡ https://youtu.be/8WoacwSoXX4

5 angry kittens hiss at me and the mom cat tries to calm them down
➡ https://youtu.be/hdmgQYs6Ufw

mom cat ran to and fro for kitten who had seizures
➡ https://youtu.be/hdmgQYs6Ufw

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10 thoughts on “A Miracle Happened as Two Motherless Sick Kittens Waited to Go to the Rainbow Bridge 🌈 | Lucky Paws

  1. UPDATE: watch the second episode now https://youtu.be/jCb3rQKR2o4

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  2. Son hermoso los cachorritos 💕 Tu ayuda llego a tiempo para ayudarlos. 🌷Que se recuperen pronto. Y que encuentren un hogar que los quiera mucho !! Y proteja 🐱

  3. allah acil şifalar versin duamız kabul olsun hayırlı bereketlik ramazanlar büyüden beyin asından kötü düşünceden kurtulalim

  4. I hope they will get well. You are a kind man. The kittens are so little and cute❤️

  5. Looks like they're bare old enough to have their eyes open.
    Thank for such tender care.

  6. You are lucky to have so much help with the kittens, I counted 3 cats checking out the newbies. Thanks for saving them, they will be fabulous floofs when they grow up.

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