A Stray Sick Kitten Walked Into Family’s Life | The Dodo Soulmates

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Amelia walked in on Michelle and Mikayla’s lives and changed it forever!

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A Stray Sick Kitten Walked Into Family’s Life | The Dodo Soulmates

10 thoughts on “A Stray Sick Kitten Walked Into Family’s Life | The Dodo Soulmates

  1. My cat Hunter, AKA Bighead, came to me the same way, except that he walked straight into my house, and was the fattest cat in the colony that lives by my house. It's been two years now, he's been vaccinated, fixed and runs my life! I love him more than anything and he looks just like this cat but 15 pounds heavier!

  2. Ya'all are special people. Who says there isn't a good or higher power if you'd rather. How else did this cat know where to go. All the best to this amazing family🐱🐾💕

  3. I’m getting annoyed with these “wholesome” rescues, almost every story got the doctor saying there’s very little hope that it’s going to survive and every time the animal survives, meanwhile somewhere in the world there’s someone getting arrested for eating a sandwich

  4. We miss you Oscar ( a ferral cat we took in who had a urinary tract disease and overactive thyroid) we gave you 2 good years and you gave us a lifetime of joy. We love you Oscar. (Oscar was cremated and is in an urn on our mantle piece. We have one of his whiskers taped to the urn and 7 years on I still sit and cuddle the box. I talk to Oscar and brush his whisker over my lip. I miss him so much. )

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