A tender cat gives birth to three beautiful kittens

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Hope’s belly was swollen, I noticed that but I thought it was only because of eating too much, yesterday night we went home and found that she had given birth to two kittens, today in the morning she gave birth to a third kitten, we don’t know how and when she got pregnant, I don’t think Shadow is the father because I haven’t noticed any relationship between them, she goes out from time to time in front of the house and maybe she got pregnant from one of the cats that lives in the neighborhood, I will take her to the vet soon to be spayed, She is in good health and she gave birth to her babies without problems , In fact, I have no problem with hope living the experience of motherhood even for once as long as she lives in safety here But I would like to know your opinion?


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A tender cat gives birth to three beautiful kittens

10 thoughts on “A tender cat gives birth to three beautiful kittens

  1. Bless her 😻 I love Hope so much so I named her name to a beautiful cat I found 😻 bless them all πŸ’–
    But who is the father.? πŸ˜‚
    Please try to get them spayed and nutred .

  2. They are the cutest kittens ever. – of course! And they will grow up to be completely spoiled by Hope and all of the cats & puppies in the house.

  3. There’s no better mom than Hope! She always was to the other pups n kittens and now to her adorable babies 😻 thank you so much for being her family n safe haven πŸ™πŸ₯°β€οΈ

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