Abandoned kitten turns into our gorgeous cat!

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We found a kitten abandoned by its mother in a woodshop. This is the story of how we nurtured this sad and helpless fellow to become the beloved and beautiful adult cat he is today!

We found that Royal Canin has a great range of cat food products suitable from birth right through to adulthood.

We fed the baby kitten every two hours at first, and helped him pee after each meal by massaging his genitals very gently. We kept him warm at night with a hot water bottle and a microwaved bean heat bag.

We gave him a lot of attention. He shared a room with our two rabbits for the first two months and probably thought he was one of them. He learned to hop and kept trying to eat rabbit food!

We were warned that he may not learn to groom himself and could grow up aggressive, but either he learned from his male foster mother dog or he instinctively got the hang of grooming. He has a wonderful temperament.

He was quickly litter trained (3 weeks old) but over Christmas (age five months by then) he decided his litter would be under the Christmas tree and gave us regular odoriferous presents. After this strange but short period, he became a fully trained outdoor cat and doesn’t need an indoor cat litter box at all.

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Abandoned kitten turns into our gorgeous cat!

10 thoughts on “Abandoned kitten turns into our gorgeous cat!

  1. While at a friend's place we witnessed a cat getting hit and killed by a car. When we went to move the cat out of the road and bury it, we discovered it was nursing. A short search into the bushes where the cat came out revealed 4 kittens that were 2 or 3 days old. We took them in and kept them warm, and tried (and failed) to feed them. We brought them to the Vet the next day and we were shown how to properly feed them and what to feed them. All 4 survived, and 3 of the 4 went to their furever homes at around 8 weeks or so. Sasha the one my friend's kept lived almost 20 years, and grew up to be a great happy cat.

  2. What a lovely story. Thank you for sharing – and – for demonstrating what a team of people can do (children and other pets) when they commit and love – bottle feeds every 2 hours! He is a BEAUTIFUL cat. Well done.

  3. Both of my babies were abandoned and both(male, female) show me love everyday 💕. Also, my male hates baths but loves the running faucet water. 😁

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