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This time animal rescue, newborn kittens were dumped outside a vet hospital, and the inspectors think they have figured out who did it. In a remote area of Australia, a newborn fowl has been mauled by dingoes and the RSPCA go far lengths to save the baby boy Jack. Elsewhere, a cocker spaniel is being bullied by some of his yard buddies, can the RSPCA resolve it?

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10 thoughts on “Abandoned Kittens Get Justice | Animal Rescue | Pets & Vets

  1. 💕It’s heart-warming to see the orphaned foal being adopted by a horse that just wanted to be a mum💕

  2. PLEASE STOP paying to those FAKE unicef Ukraine fund raising aholes!! it's ALL A LIE, a SCAM!! You are "donating" your money to CHILD TRAFFICKING!!!!

  3. leaving kittens at an animal hospital is punishable by the sick law??? fantastic!!!! now people will just dump them in the bush or kill them then!!! how retarted is this!!!
    and killing a dog for an……. EAR INFECTION!!!!!! are you fucking kidding me?!!!!!!!!

  4. I hate the aussie rspca. they are all to quick to put animals, perfectly good pets, to sleep.

  5. The RSPCA need to admit they made a mistake in killing Ace for an ear infection. We have followed this channel but this was terrible and unacceptable

  6. So why didn't the owners of the foal place it somewhere safe.?? How stupid.

  7. The lady that dumped those kittens, needs to be thrown in jail and banned from having any kind of animal.

  8. I feel like not enough was done for Ace. An ear infection, even a bad one, is something that can be resolved. He was a very friendly dog, surely there could have been a foster willing to take him in. I feel like the Aussie RSPCA featured on this channel are very very quick to put animals down without really trying to resolve their problems.

  9. I am sitting here with my shaking. There are so many people neglecting animals by refusing to give them the propper care, spay and neuter. Instead dumping the offspring. Thankfully in front of the animal hospital.

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