Advanced Kitten Care: Assessing & Stabilizing Sick Kittens

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If you care for neonatal kittens and want to up your game, this in-depth session is a must watch! We discuss how to assess, stabilize, and save the lives of sick and critical kittens during the first 24 hours after rescue. We go through health assessment from nose to tail, and share specifics on what is normal and what is cause for concern. We talk about the common health problems kittens face, and how to combat them. Finally, we answer a variety of great questions about everything from pneumonia to “fading kittens.” Thank you Dr. Rachel Wallach for participating in this session with me!

This video originally aired for Cat Camp Virtual on April 11, 2021.

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Advanced Kitten Care: Assessing & Stabilizing Sick Kittens

10 thoughts on “Advanced Kitten Care: Assessing & Stabilizing Sick Kittens

  1. I use a Kitchen Aid kitchen scale. It's the perfect size and has an easy to read large digital read out with grams. Small box fits perfect on it. Box can be tared or placed before turning it on.

  2. Food system for kitten advice how we prepare food for kitten in cow milk

  3. Got a new kitten yesterday! Thank you for your help and love ๐Ÿ’•

  4. Today a relative gave me 2 kittens, abandoned by their mother (confirmed) They look around 6 weeks. But they are SLEEPING ALOT. They were brought in a car without prior training. They were perfectly active the day before. Is something wrong or are they tired from travelling and sudden change of environment??

  5. I recently found a kitten with a very bad crusty nose. The local co-op suggested something called VetRx. It's a nasal drip solution, I don't know much about it but I don't know how it can help her when her nose is completely crusted. How can I help her with the crust? Her eyes are clear no mucus discharge except for what's stuck on her nose. I've been pretty much having to feed her liquids (water and broth) with a bottle.

  6. This video is absolutely invaluable. I have it saved for future reference. We've always had dogs and so cats are a whole different ballgame. I have learned so much with the two kitties we had, Midnight and Trixie. We're about to take in 9 week old kitties that have to be removed from the situation they're in. Both kitties are coming with issues – sneezing and one kitten has crusty eyes and mucus and is on antibiotics. Well both have been given antibiotics at this stage. Poor wee mites. I can't wait to get them and help them recover and shower them with love. Thank you so much Hannah and Rachel.

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