All About Kitten Vaccines

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Hey gang! In this video, I talk about the importance of protecting kittens’ health through vaccination. Vaccines save cats’ lives!

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All About Kitten Vaccines

10 thoughts on “All About Kitten Vaccines

  1. I love how u do anything to explain like u don’t know if we understand or don’t u just do ur best to explain that’s what I like about you

  2. Can i have some advise?

    My kitten is 9 weeks old and currently eating wet food but not eating alot or drinking at all

  3. My cat rasco has never been vaccinated and hes 1 years old and never been sick or nothing. Hes a indoor cat

  4. Id be curious on your views on over vaccination. im not against vaccination! But I have heard that even for example the 3 year rabies vaccine, its very likely they still have immunity in their system even at the 3 year mark. I may find out in other videos (just found your channel today) but im curious if youd recommend a titer test measurement first, or just going ahead with them? Im not sure if vaccinating while they still have active immunity can cause problems longer term? I belong to a feline kidney disease group and ive heard so many different approaches, and even laws regarding vaccines.

  5. I adopted a stray kitten today and he's doing great but I'm so glad I watched a bunch of Kitten Lady videos over the last 2 years because now I'm prepared!

  6. My 9 weeks kitten just got her first shot this morning but once we came home and got her feed, she started worrying me, her activity increased a lot all she's been doing is sleeping, she doesn't wanna play nor bit me like she usually does she seems so weak, and now while sleeping her breathing is so weird as if she's been running. Can someone help me with some informations please I'm very worried.

  7. I want vaccinate my kitties myself like you do is it possible for me to do so as going to the veterinarian is quite costly

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