Alone in the pain | rescue of an injured young kitten

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My baby was taken in by Save a Greek Stray. His tail already been amputated, and he is in recovery. He has a foster home waiting for him, and hopefully a forever home soon.
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Alone in the pain | rescue of an injured young kitten

10 thoughts on “Alone in the pain | rescue of an injured young kitten

  1. Our job is to be the caretakers of everything in this planet not the Destroyers and not one that just walks past caretaker being as and doing as

  2. You are such a wonderful person for saving this angel. People just don’t care I really to hope these people who did this also feel this angels pain.

  3. Please have a heart ❤ for these orphaned animals 😢 🙏 I dislike 👎 people who ignore baby animals who are crying for help I hope that this kitten did get a loving home 🏡 and 👪.

  4. Thank you so much for your help and rescue and take care her and go to veterinaire for vaccination, and wish it a good luck and a good healt.

  5. 😥🙏❤😺❤❤❤Спасибо большое дорогая вам девушка 💖

  6. You are so well spoken. Can you please follow up on this story? You are correct in that suffering animals are our responsibility. Each person just doing a little bit would make a huge difference not only in animals’ lives but in each other’s. Bless you.

  7. I can't thank you enough for not passing this little kitten in need by. For helping this poor innocent baby. You have completely changed this little kitten's life! You are an angel!

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