6 thoughts on “Are Silvervine Sticks Safe For Kittens? | Two Crazy Cat Ladies

  1. I have a 5 month Kitty, she gets heated. What can I do should I take her to the vet?

  2. Is it necessary or only recommend to clean your cats teeth? I have 12 cats and have had many more in the past and I’ve never cleaned their teeth but they live for a very long time and never have trouble with eating unless they’re at an old age.

  3. Hey Ladies, question… Why do cats love leather so much. Shoes, purses anything with leather they attack, any thoughts?

  4. Please help. My cat is OBSESSED with food, like a dr*g. He’s always searching, getting into garbage, etc. he even dug into bread & rice.

    He gets fed 2x a day, same portion of wet food, but still scarfs it down like he hasn’t eaten in days. Hes definitely not hungry, he’s this way regardless of food size or frequency.

    He’s a very healthy weight & size now, but few years ago was 30lbs, so we don’t leave out food all day long. Why is he like this? Can we help him chill?

    We stopped feeding him in front of his eyes so that has stopped the constant begging, but I think all he thinks about is food.

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