Attack of the Tiny KITTENS β€” and We LOVE It! 😻

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Kitten Season? Are you serious…?

Yes, there really is such thing as a “Kitten Season”!

In many parts of the work during springtime, when the weather gets warmer, momma cats tend to start having their litters. Working as a cat and kitten foster, I see my local shelter go from having hardly ANY kittens to suddenly LOTS of kittens, sometimes more than they can handle. And the sad truth is that people often find and bring small kittens to a shelter, but no one spays the momma, so she goes right out and gets pregnant again. Every time I get a group of “orphan” kittens, I can’t help but think about the mother going back into heat and producing another litter.

While I love taking care of foster kittens, I also spend time helping people in my community trap and spay or neuter their feral or community cats. This is the only way we can stop the cat overpopulation problem, and it’s not easy, but it works if you keep doing it. Fortunately, where I live there are several low cost clinic who will fix cats and even sometimes do the surgery for free. Until we invent a magic wand that can tap a cat on the nose and instantly make him or her sterile (oh I WISH!), TNR is the best option for these kitties.

In this video, you will meet five of Kitten School’s newest foster kittens and watch as they get a much-needed bath and eye medication. And there’s more kittens who will be introduced in a later video!

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10 thoughts on “Attack of the Tiny KITTENS β€” and We LOVE It! 😻

  1. It's that time of year…when momma cats everywhere start having their kittens. Our shelter has seen a huge increase in kittens being brought in over the last few weeks, and it sure keeps foster homes very busy. Come meet some of the newest babies here at Kitten School!

  2. To say it is a busy time of year when it comes to new kittie arrivals, is an understatement. Again dear lady you are doing a wonderful job in the kittie season. To see the amount of blood and other nasty bits that came off the kitties in their first bath,it shows how much pain and discomfort they were in. After their spa treatment you see how much more comfortable they are.

  3. How sweet to see the babies this time of year but it shows we have so much work to do to get spay and neuter surgeries done to decrease over population

  4. Another great video and effort by Kitten School. These tiny kitties are surely in good hands now. What would happen if people like you weren't around? I've never seen cats to bitten up by fleas as to produce all that blood in the bath water! No animal should have to live like that. Do you know where the mother is?

  5. Awww….I'm so glad these babies have you! Our rescue "kittens' that my daughter and sil kept b/c they had some respiratory issues and they feared people getting them and being unable to care for them financially and otherwise, will be two this month….We were lucky with that group, not a one of the, including mama had fleas. YOU are an angel to take care of these babies. THANK YOU!!!

  6. How do you keep the drive going year after year? It's truly admirable and I have total respect for those that dedicate themselves to caring for less fortunate animals (and even humans). To be honest, I do my part in a small way but I could NEVER consistently care for kittens and bottle babies litter after litter.
    My hats off and salute to you and EVERYONE else that sacrifices for these sweet, innocent babes.

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