10 thoughts on “Baby Animal Reading Time: Adventures in Fosterland!

  1. I turned 52 yesterday and I want to read these books! That was a lovely and charming chapter.

  2. Aww. This was so amazing. I love how this video compliments the book perfectly. I could listen to you reading all the time. ❤️❤️❤️ Can't wait to read my copy. ❤️❤️❤️

  3. What an adorable 🥰 book. I’m getting my new kitten on Friday, I can’t wait ☺️

  4. It is a shame you can't tell kids the horrors of what Emmett's Mum and siblings would have endured 🙁 That would give them nightmares.

  5. I just ordered these for Hephzibah Children's Association in Oak Park, IL. They are a residence and shelter for children being evaluated after trauma or entering the foster care system. They also have after school programs and daycare. It's nice to see the concept of foster care in a positive light. Congrats on your books! Great idea!

  6. I’m a school librarian. I just went and bought 2 hard cover books. Kids love animal books especially with a good story! 🥰

  7. So nice. My grandbabies are little bit younger but I can read it to them. Thanks Hannah for another lovely book.

  8. Hello. I just took a 3 week old kitten from the streets. She was without mum, i think she was abandoned ( been there for 2 hours, not cat mum appeared ). She started eating from the bottle and she's doing very fine( sleeping all day, walking around the house, peeing and enjoying it etc.) but I'm concerned about one thing: when she eats, she rarely eats in the center of the mouth, she likes to have it to the side, where the molars should appear in the future. Is that correct for her? I mean I can see she is eating, and that she is enjoying it and all that, but should I be concerned by ger eating habit?

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