Befriending angry kittens !

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I had seen this cat family in a store room in the backyard of one of my relative’s house. This family didn’t have much contact with human beings. The mama cat who is been given food by my relatives would come and feed these cute kittens.On seeing me they became very angry and started hissing and tried to attack me. The mama cat also was sceptic as you can see in this video. Mama cat was looking at me as if I came to do so harm to her cute little babies . But after a pretty good patient effort ( was little risky too ! ) I managed to make them calm and friendly.

Befriending angry kittens !

10 thoughts on “Befriending angry kittens !

  1. I think that the cats were wary at first but they have trusted you finally.
    The mother cat was showing you belly.
    You love cat.

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