Best babysitter for kittens in the world

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These kittens are not looked after by their mom cat. We had to take care of them all ourselves, as none of our cats accepted them. Recently, a baby monkey Susie has appeared in our house. We decided to introduce them under our supervision. Both babies have a sad fate when their mothers did not provide them with proper care.

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Best babysitter for kittens in the world

10 thoughts on “Best babysitter for kittens in the world

  1. Allah'ım razı olsun senden yüreğini genişletsin kimseye muhtaç etmesin amiiiiiiiinnn diyenlerden razı olsun Allah'ım gençliğine bagislasin ağzının tadına bozmasın hakkını helal et

  2. The monkey is a wild animal, not a pet. Why is this monkey not in the wild with her Primate family? Is there a viable reason for this? Was she injured and not able to live in the wild or is it a selfish human error?

  3. This site is called "Kitten Street" but Suzie seems to always steal the show. Love them all.

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