Caring for Orphan Kittens…SUPER FAST!

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Saving kittens doesn’t have to take forever. In fact, it only takes a few minutes every few hours to save a life! Learn the kitten care routine at:

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Caring for Orphan Kittens…SUPER FAST!

10 thoughts on “Caring for Orphan Kittens…SUPER FAST!

  1. Despite its ultra-quick speed, this is helpful in taking care of the two orphaned, literally day-old kittens I found in the gutter.

  2. Hi kitten lady I was watching your videos and I need a little advice I took in a small shelter kitten maybe 8 weeks or a little less because she was skinny skinny and I was worried she would die in the shelter that being said she is a little wheezy getting better but she won't eat anything but kitten milk I'm frazzled at this because all her brothers and sister are eating healthy hard food??!! Help!

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