Cat carries kittens and hides them

Kittens Video Information:

Cat Jako carries newborn kittens and hides them behind the sofa
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Cat carries kittens and hides them

10 thoughts on “Cat carries kittens and hides them

  1. Eu queria entender por que as mamaes gatas 🐱 fazem isso com os filhotinhos 🐱 🐱 🐱 😜 😜 😜

  2. A great video! The cats are so cute, the music is catchy, the scenes are very funny and cute. The cats are like angels, I can't help but feel so cute. My heart has already fallen at this cuteness

  3. Лапушка какая 😻💋💕. Мамочка заботливая такая 💋. И котятки просто супер 👍, очень милые и красивые 💋💋💋.

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