Cat Mom Nurses Orphaned Kittens | The Dodo

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Mother Cat Nurses Orphaned Kittens | This mother cat is nursing two orphaned kittens who desperately need her help. Keep up with this adorable duo, Max and Mya, visit:

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Cat Mom Nurses Orphaned Kittens  | The Dodo

10 thoughts on “Cat Mom Nurses Orphaned Kittens | The Dodo

  1. :,,,,,,) What a magnificent story. Enchanting, sweet, adorable, beautiful mama and kittens. :,) 💝

  2. Found it in abandon car? What if there was a mama cat there? What if the kitten isnt abandon but the mama gave born in there and she is still there?

  3. Maybe she was hesitant because she could smell that they were sick or something? I’m not sure but I’m glad that the owner seems good enough that if they were to spread something to the other kittens she would get them to the vet for help.

  4. I don’t know who is sweeter, this girl taking the foster cats in or the momma cat…. ❤️Thankyou for helping these cats!

  5. Aww kittens are one of the cutest things in the world. Listen to them squeak.

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