Crazy Calico Kitten Is Always Escaping And Running – Easter Kittens

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The calico kitten is doing great and loves to run outside the playpen. I had to change it to the higher panels bc she kept jumping out. Fig is a little scared of her 🙂 Gail sent us some wonderful gifts! The panel kitten pen is an amazing thing to have if you are looking after small animals of any kind –

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In Nursery – Mom Cat (1) Kittens (6) – Intake/Born 02/09/19

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2. Pat – Black/White Tuxedo – male
3. Crispen – Black/White Tuxedo with Black Mask – male
Feral Kittens Caught Outside
4. Jericho – Russian Blue looking – Female – Intake 02/23/19
5. Panda – White w/ black, cross-eyed – Male – Intake 02/27/19

Easter Kittens – Intake w/ pneumonia 04/17/19

1. Princess Leia – Calico – Female
2. Becca (Chewbacca) – Dark Gray/White – Female

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Crazy Calico Kitten Is Always Escaping And Running – Easter Kittens

10 thoughts on “Crazy Calico Kitten Is Always Escaping And Running – Easter Kittens

  1. Too cute calico pretty smart.little prim I miss you. All too cute nice gifts.thank you for all that you do for all the kitties mom's and all the cats

  2. Leia is just adorable the way she scoots everywhere – what a bundle of adventurous energy! The thumbnail looks like a perfect subject for a watercolor, with the beautiful arrangement of soft colors setting off her calico markings.

  3. Awww this little run around…. she gets me absolutely… and the sweet blind baby have to be with her sister permanentely to have a rock in the stormwave (so we say) may be she is blind bc this illness she did have 😿
    Love the babies all together, can make no choise 😻💟🐾

  4. Wow Gail sent you so many great things! I’m so glad you get a lot of constant support from your dedicated viewers. I have been trying to get you more Subs/support by posting about your dedication on the Tiny Kittens site because you remind me a lot of how dedicated their Shelly is. And I would love to see you get more support from cat lovers because you deserve it! And you post so many videos which is plenty of extra work itself. When I finally get my nursing job (I just moved out of state and was waiting to get my license) I can’t wait to help you out when I can! I had to leave my 6 babies with my ex when I moved (heartbroken doesn’t begin to cover how I felt) so I now get my kitty fixes from videos like yours. Thanks for all that you do!

  5. Leia's middle name should be Houdini, she's like a little windup kitty! I'm so happy that she is in with the blind furbaby (is her name Becca) to give her some companionship💕 Gail's gifts are so thoughtful and useful and very generous ❤

  6. I am in love with the little calico! She is hilarious! I love her
    She has cheered me up!

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