Cute baby kittens develop their hunting instinct- BBC wildlife

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Although seemingly harmless, cute baby kittens at play demonstrate the journey from fluffball to mini predator. Fascinating nature and wildlife photography from BBC Worldwide.

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Cute baby kittens develop their hunting instinct- BBC wildlife

10 thoughts on “Cute baby kittens develop their hunting instinct- BBC wildlife

  1. I remember my mom rescued a kitten when I was little, way too young to be away from mom so it never learned to hunt. The little girl taught herself how to catch mice when she was about a year old, but she didn't really know what to do with her kills so she kinda just. Sucked on them. We'd always find little dead mice and eventually even birds, dripping wet and swimming in a puddle of saliva. Super gross. You could see that she was super interested in her prey and experimented with it but she never figured out that it was food and it wasn't exactly like we could show her that what she brought home was edible. Maybe she would have eventually figured it out if that idiot neighbor wouldn't have chased her in front of a car. Anyway, I bet she would have become an expert hunter if she had a mom to show her the ropes.

  2. My cat sucks at hunting and fighting because his mother left him and his fellow brother died when he was still a kitten

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