Cute Killer Kittens | BBC Earth

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Although seemingly harmless, kittens at play demonstrate the journey from cute fluffball to mini predator.


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Wild Thailand:

Taken from ‘Predators’.

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Cute Killer Kittens | BBC Earth

10 thoughts on “Cute Killer Kittens | BBC Earth

  1. When I brought my current two kittens home, they hid under the bed. But when I got a toy out, the girl got out, grabbed it, and started growling: don't you dare take this from me.

  2. A guy murder a 3 month old kitten with the mama cat and he killed the other three old kitten and it was another one he stabbed in the face

  3. “From Fluff ball to mini predator”
    Lol the fact that it’s a guy talking about cats is cute lol

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