Cute Kitten says “YUM YUM YUM..” while eating (original)

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[Say hi:]
Allan really likes his food! YUM YUM YUM NOM NOM NOM!
I know it’s the sound of aggression and not joy, but feel free to explain it to me again. 😀

Watch when we discovered Allan’s vocal abilities:

Watch how Allan drinks from the bath tub:

Bones knows how to open doors:

MTV Canada, CTV, G4TV’s Web Soup, NHK (Japan), The Bonnie Hunt Show, Animal Planet, America’s Cutest Cat

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Cute Kitten says “YUM YUM YUM..” while eating (original)

10 thoughts on “Cute Kitten says “YUM YUM YUM..” while eating (original)

  1. The comments:
    30% how could you hate this vid he’s not torturing the cat
    20% he’s torturing the cat
    50% this is so cute

  2. That cat is at least 11 years old today. I wonder if he still says yum yum yum while eating.

  3. one second the kitten's saying yum yum yum and the next he's saying yeah yeah yeah

  4. shit she's pissed xD. my cat used to get annoyed too when I stardet to pet her xD

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