Cute Kittens Playing In A Cat Tunnel

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Secret Agent Kittens 00-Roodi and 00-Mitch are back for another Cliffhanger Kitten style adventure inside Baxter The Kitten Villian’s cat tunnel lair! This episode features a guest appearance by Special Agent Cupcake of Canada’s notoriously fluffy CSIS Kitten Agency, enjoy!
Watch A Cute Kitten Cliffhanger here!

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Cute Kittens Playing In A Cat Tunnel

10 thoughts on “Cute Kittens Playing In A Cat Tunnel

  1. omg I love ur kittons I love Roman and foodie there so cute ur really lucky ooohhh I love

  2. I know you weren't doing so but it almost looks like someone was throwing the kittens into the hole on the middle of the Cat (Kitten) tunnel.

  3. While watching this i muted the video, and played the misson imposs… excuse me i mean of course the mission imPAWsible theme.

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