9 thoughts on “Cute Kittens Welcoming Rescue Kitten In Their House

  1. Mama cat 🐈 and two kittens 😸 are leaving they're adopted i am going to miss them 😢 black kitten 😸 he's so cute and adorable 😻 other kittens 😸 are looking crazy 🤪 they just love to play they're super cute and adorable 😻😘🥰💞

  2. Crazy kittens. Ginger boy seemed to be more calm, he remembers be to Lucky. How is he doing? "Fluffy " will adjust soon

  3. I Will Miss You Beautiful Moon🌹Wonderful Memories See Moon Last Year And This Year is Very Lovely See Beauty Moon❤Moon Kittens Are Playing Everywhere😂Rescue Kitten Please Get Well Soon🙏

  4. Poor little( hard bitten the kitten ) brown boy . It's all a bit overwhelming for him especially seeing he's still a bit sick 😫

  5. Boy is feeling probably better because he is playing with his new friends, though he is much smaller than them so this can be definitely a little disadvantage 🤔😕😔😄🤗💟💚💗

  6. Good to see that little boy has contact with Moon's kittens 😻♥️ Though they're still too overwhelming for him. That might get better after mama Moon and 2 kittens have left 😻 Wish the family a safe trip home 😻🍀 Blessings to all ♥️🍀

  7. Fluffy boy feels he is home 😂👌💟👍🌹🌺though he would prefer less craziness around him 😅😆😃😂👌💟💝

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