Cute newborn kittens | Thai kittens | Traditional Siamese kittens

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Our star Mia gave birth to 6 beautiful and cute kittens on March 8th. πŸ’™πŸΎ Immediately after birth, they all weighed between 86 and 102 grams.

When I saw the very first kitten of the litter, it was love at first sight. Unfortunately we could not admire kitten Mindy for very long. Mindy passed away about an hour after birth from an unknown reasons.😭😒 It was terrible for me to lose such a young kitten. As a breeder you obviously know that it can happen and you may think you are prepared for something like this. But when it actually happens, it feels very different and you suddenly find it difficult to deal with it. In short, there will always be a special place in my heart for Mindy.

Fortunately, we can enjoy five other cuties. πŸ₯°πŸ’™They are doing very well and they are all gaining weight very well.

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My name is Jana. I live with my husband and our four sweetest Thai cats in the Netherlands. I am extremely fond of our cats. This breed is also called Old Fashioned Siamese, Traditional Siamese, or Classic Siamese. Thai cats are extremely friendly, sociable, adventurous, curious, talkative and people-oriented. I am in love with beautiful blue eyes of Thai cat and its unique character.

I gave my channel the name of my first very beloved cat, namely Amaya Fareese. I would like to share with you nice moments from the live of our cats and kittens. Do you think my videos are cute or funny? Did our cats make you laugh or make your day a little more funny? Then my goal number 1 has been reached.

I really enjoy making cat videos, but of course I want to know if people like them. You can support me by subscribing to my channel and activating notification bell. I am also very happy to receive some feedback from you. So, you make me happy with every comment and I really appreciate your support. Please help me to reach my second goal which is 5,000 subscribers on my channel.

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Cute newborn kittens | Thai kittens | Traditional Siamese kittens

10 thoughts on “Cute newborn kittens | Thai kittens | Traditional Siamese kittens

  1. What a wonderful little angel. All the best to you and these adorable cutie pies πŸ™πŸ˜»β€οΈπŸˆπŸ’–πŸˆπŸ’™πŸˆπŸ’•

  2. Congratulations MUMMY what a beautiful little one ! Soo CUTE 😍 πŸ’•

  3. Danke sehr fΓΌr den livestream gerade!! so kann man miterleben wie die kids sich entwickeln. sie haben mehr fell als vor 4 tagen..soooo sΓΌss. die mama ist auch so nice. wenn ihr mΓΆgt macht doch die kommentarfunktion auf.—Heel erg bedankt voor de livestream nu!! zodat je kunt zien hoe de kinderen zich ontwikkelen. ze hebben meer vacht dan 4 dagen geleden..soooo schattig. mama is ook zo aardig. open desgewenst de commentaarfunctie. <3 Dav

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