Dad cat and mom cat shared baby kittens

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Mother cat does not want to take care of two kittens herself. She gave birth to one golden kitten Mosya, and the second gray kitten Johnny is adopted. She gave one kitten to her father to the cat and makes sure that he washes him and teaches cat wisdom

😺 Mom cat tries to pull out a baby kitten that hid from her
😺 First meeting of adopted kitten with a mom cat. Will she feed and carries him or not?
😺 Cat mom carries a kitten in her teeth
😺 The birth of a golden kitten. The cat became a mother for the first time

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Dad cat and mom cat shared baby kittens

8 thoughts on “Dad cat and mom cat shared baby kittens

  1. Mama cat 🐈 she's feeding her kitten 😸 and dad cat 🐈 he's taking care of kitten 😸 beautiful family and kittens 😸 are looking so cute and precious 💖 💕 ❤

  2. It is so sweet when small ginger kitten is cleaning itself. What a lovely caring family. ☺️

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