Daddy cat is raising kittens

Kittens Video Information:

These kittens were left without a mom cat. They were adopted by our cat Jaco, who just gave birth to her kittens. But it is hard for her to feed everyone with milk, and we take the foster kittens for a while so that she can rest. Our daddy cat is very careful. The kittens want to approach him, but the cat dad shows them that he doesn’t like it. But after some time, the cat himself became interested in what kind of little kittens they were and whether it was possible to be friends with them.

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10 thoughts on “Daddy cat is raising kittens

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  2. Самый "лучший" папа в природе это ЛЕВ.
    Он только ест (пищу приносит мама), и целый день "смотрит телевизор", греется на солнышке.
    И иногда показывает кулаки соседу.

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