Deworming Kittens: How to have a Healthy Cat

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Deworming cats or kittens is important. Kittens can be born with worms transmitted from their mother. Most of the time we won’t see them in the stool. This is why deworming is so important at a young age. Most deworming programs start as early as 2 – 3 weeks of age. De-worming kills the adult stage of the worm. As eggs hatch, additional deworming is necessary. For this reason, your veterinarian will likely recommend multiple doses.
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Deworming Kittens: How to have a Healthy Cat

10 thoughts on “Deworming Kittens: How to have a Healthy Cat

  1. Was looking more for a how to administer the medicine but it was still informative, thanks!

  2. Can I buy a kitten deworm medicine for cat on the net? Is it safe? Because there's no vet near my house.

  3. Why deworm my cats or kittens when they never had fleas or been outdoor cats??? Where would they get the worms?

  4. I have a 11 months old community cat . I want to vaccinate her for the first time. Vet told me to deworm her and vaccinate within 7 days. I have disguised the tablet in her food . She left a little food. So the dose is not complete. Will it create problem in vaccination

  5. Here in Honolulu, don’t forget your $1,000 for each visit, because they charge more than dentists!

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