Dirty kitten gets a new home

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One day, I heard a kitten meowing on the street. When I called him, he immediately ran to me.
Here is the latest update on this kitten’s situation:

All the details are written in the video. Here is a copy of all the texts that are written in the video:
“On October 31, 2017
I heard a constant meowing sound on the street.
The sound was coming from under the dumpsters.
When I walked towards the dumpsters, a dirty kitten appeared.
He was alone and he started running to me when I called him.
He didn’t say no to some food.
I searched the street but I couldn’t see his mother or any siblings.
Even the neighbours hadn’t seen this kitten before.
And considering his dirtiness, it looked like he was alone
for some time. I took him to the vet. She said that he was around
2-2.5 months old. First, they gave him a bath because he was very
dirty and had lots of fleas on him. Then they cleaned his eyes.
The vet gave him some medication for internal and external
parasites. I couldn’t take him home at that time so he stayed
at the clinic for three days and during that time, he was
treated with antibiotic eye drops. Three days later, I went back
to the clinic and he was very excited to go out.
There is an old lady in our neighbourhood who takes care of
a lot of cats in her house. I talked to her about this kitten
and she agreed to take him in.
Now he has a home and a lot of friends to play with
once they get used to each other.”

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Dirty kitten gets a new home