Eating angry kitten…

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For all those people who have accused me of abusing this kitty, including one who said that he reported it as abuse, here is the scenario surrounding this video.

I rescued this kitten. It was 1 week old, if that, when I got it. I bottle fed this kitten until it was about 5 weeks old, as seen here. On the first day I let this kitten out of my room to explore the house and to mingle with my other cats, it discovered the food and water dishes belinging to my grown cats.

It went crazy for the food. So, as it was its first time eating solid food, I didn’t want to just let it gobble up the food and get sick or choke.

When I picked the kitten up after each couple of bites, it made this sound. This kitten was not being hurt. This kitten was being protected from choking and eating too much.

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Eating angry kitten…

10 thoughts on “Eating angry kitten…

  1. I use to own kittens myself. And whenever they eat, I just let them eat. The one thing you people who think this video is acceptable, don’t know about kittens, is that they tend to eat fast if they’re hungry. So if they eat fast and you touch them that could possibly make them feel the need to choke up their food, you guys are better off filming you guys using your own fingers and fucking your own self. So many uneducated retards out here. It’s sickening.

  2. The kitty is trying to eat so why would you aggravated and irritate the s*** out of him while he's trying to eat.ok I can.see trying it once an walk away but you repeatedly aggravated him,go get pleasaure else where!

  3. the people claiming this is abuse are being iratinal and reacting with extreame and unreasonable spikes in their emotions to a rather harmless video.
    they should take a step back and calm down.
    nice wholesome video.

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