10 thoughts on “Ed Sheeran Plays W/ Kittens…Talks Game of Thrones, Jamie Foxx and Howard Stern

  1. The epitome of an English gentleman…casually dropping a cool anecdote about Howard Stern whilst bigging up Britain…" When your paws don't work like they used to before.."🐾🐱

  2. I love all animals and have had cats in the past but none currently. Have you ever seen a rag doll cat? I am the crazy lady and I don’t even have any cats lmao. Awe Sir Edward not scissor hands gingerbread boy has a sensitive side as well. So impressed. Y’all rock. Thank you for all you do darling super fly guy. 💋 🌈🏹🎸🎰🎭🎭

  3. I like how he picks up a kitten…This is my favorite. Next kitten walks by…No, this is my favorite.

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