Emergency kitten rescue: finding sick kittens in a basement

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We found three kittens clinging to life in a dark, dirty basement, with their eyes crusted shut and a dangerously low body temperature. This challenging story highlights just how bad things are for thousands of kittens who are born outside in Brooklyn every year. Please join us as a monthly supporter to help make this lifesaving work possible: https://www.flatbushcats.org/donate

This video covers steps we took to try and stabilize them – including getting them warm, giving a flea bath, cleaning their eyes, administering fluids, and feeding them a high calorie slurry.

We canโ€™t rescue or adopt our way out of a problem this big. To help us end the cat overpopulation crisis once and for all, please consider becoming a monthly supporter: https://www.flatbushcats.org/donate

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Emergency kitten rescue: finding sick kittens in a basement

10 thoughts on “Emergency kitten rescue: finding sick kittens in a basement

  1. Immediately started crying at "I see your eyes". I'm so proud to be a monthly supporter of Flatbush Cats. You all do hard and amazing work.

  2. Isn't it kind of ironic that cats need to eat dead animals that suffered too during "produktion". Why loving cats and kill and eat the others.. Don't get me wrong I adore cats too. I just think it's ironic.

  3. I am a grown man and I'm all choked up to see something so tiny and helpless suffer like this..this is cold heart reality and there's no excuse for this..even inoccent little animals pay the price for our mistakes..they did nothing wrong to go thru this..I'm so sorry only God can end this suffering.

  4. i'm a grizzled old Vietnam Vet, and seeing the condition of those kittens almost brought me to tears! I'm a doner to your great organization and an X-Brooklyn resident who graduated from Erasmus Hall High School so I know the neighborhood. It's a tough environment for man & beast and not a forgiving one. I thank you for your relentless work in helping as many of these poor cretures as you can. I wish I could give you more!

  5. this one got more tears out of me than usual, probably because my own cat is sleeping right behind my keyboard as I watched. your work is amazing and I cannot wait to be at a point in my life where I can support it officially

  6. I've been a $36 a month donation for a while now but this makes me want to up it and donate to my local tnr groups too

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