Extreme Cuteness – Daddy Wants To Play With 2 Week Old Kittens

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Can we get 20,000 Likes for this video? This is a must watch video from April 2017. Adonis gets in some play time with his six kittens. He really wants to play! Soon enough, they’ll be running all over the place and he won’t be able to keep up with them!

What I’ve learned from this video’s comments…
Male cats may or may not kill their kittens (depends on the commenter)
Male cats may kill any male kittens (they are all female)
I should let him play with his kittens.
I’m an idiot for letting him play with his kittens.
Adonis & toula should be spayed & Neutered (They have been. Check out Adonis’s from leg for where they inserted the needle).
The white kitten must belong to the mailman’s cat (They are indoor cats so, No).
A lot of people ask for one of the kittens. They are now over 2 years old.

And about that white kitten, she had a litter of kittens as well… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=to3uMs7T2A0

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Extreme Cuteness – Daddy Wants To Play With 2 Week Old Kittens

10 thoughts on “Extreme Cuteness – Daddy Wants To Play With 2 Week Old Kittens

  1. Here's another great video of Adonis bathing his 19 day old kittens https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgzXh4vxN0Q

  2. Mommy Cat 🐱 Knows How To Raise A Kitten & She Is Fully Aware How To Love, Care & Treat A Kitten. You Call That "Unnecessary Roughness"????? This Is The Way They Love Their Kitties. Mommy Cats Are Most Loving, Caring, Possessive & Responsible Parent. Please Don't Judge Her On Her Parenting Skills. Daddy Cats Are The Most Irresponsible, Attacking & Rough Types. They(Dady Cats) Can't Be Trusted On Their Parenting Skills. But Don't Mistrust Mommy Cats. They Are The Best Parent. Don't Snatch Away Her Kitties From Her, Its Unfair. They Are Her Children, She Has The Full Right To Love Them. You Are Just An Owner & Caretaker, & Not Their Mommy.

  3. Hooman mamma is doing the right thing by separating the kittens from the father.

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