Farm Kittens

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We have lots of cats/kittens at my Grandparent’s farm. Recently, one of the mother cats had more or less abandoned her two kittens. It’s very cold out, and they wouldn’t have lasted long on their own. We decided to bring them in, and give them some love.

As far as I know, they are still living inside with my Grannie is taking good care of them.

Special thanks to my Mom, Dad, Uncle and Grannie for taking the kittens in and taking the video/photos that I edited in this clip.

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Farm Kittens

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  1. What crawled up your ass and died? He SAVED those cats "fuckface". Maybe your the ignorant jackass and can't fucking read. Idiot. You obviously have the IQ of a common mouse and will end up a homeless animal. Dumbass.

  2. they are adorable!!!u guys are kind hearted and deserve the best. thank u ! from the kittens

  3. im so glad you took them inside. Im sure if the cats could talk they would thank you:)

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