Feral Kitten Becomes a Needy Sweetie!

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Douglas was found living outside on the street, but after a few days of gentle love, encouragement, and association of food with humans…he became a clingy, chatty boy! Learn about feral kitten socialization here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gD4y99kBv0

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Feral Kitten Becomes a Needy Sweetie!

10 thoughts on “Feral Kitten Becomes a Needy Sweetie!

  1. Want to learn more about Douglas and the feral kitten socialization process? I tell Douglas' story and offer in-depth tips for working with feral kittens in my new book, Tiny But Mighty! Order it here: http://kittenlady.org/books

  2. My kitten was feral when we found him, but he was only about 5 weeks. He doesn’t like to be held still or picked up, but he’s the sweetest cat. He only really loves his dad, even though mom feed him and raised him.

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