10 thoughts on “Foster Kitten Meeting Our Other Animals

  1. Any time a kitten goes up to a new adult cat they can sense pretty quick it's time to turn around.

  2. Total foster fail in the making! He is so at home in yours, and the other fur babies are smitten over the kitten. He is so cute!

  3. that kitten starts 2 purr I'm going to just lose it that's way too much cuteness

  4. I've been looking for my life … I see you found it 🙂 Getting spoiled is a two way street! So cute! I'm getting my cat a dog when I get a bigger place 🙂 Pets for everyone !!

  5. He is SO beautiful! 😺
    Pattering about with his tiny tail held high and a cute little curl at the tip to show he's such a happy little boy!
    Such a puurrfect little kitty! 😻💗

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