Four feral Kittens rescued from a junk pile in an abandoned shed.

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Cat people we are, and we could not resist saving this little batch of kitties –
Update, April 17th 2017 – We lost Maisie at one year of age in the fall of 2010. She suddenly took ill and the vet tried to save her, but she passed. We have no proof of the actual illness, and it took her very quickly. The vet surmised that she had infectious peritonitis.
The other three are seven years old now, they live in our home with the two other much older male cats (Runtly is 21 years and Monte is 14)
These remaining three have developed three distinct personalities. Daisy is – and always was from the beginning – absolutely wonderful, just the perfect cat in every way and loving and still likes to be warm laying on a lap or curled-up in a blanket.
Dolly is somewhat standoffish and very vocal, always announcing her presence and opinion about life, and she likes my wife much more than me for some reason.
And Wally is a handsome fellow but very skittish and afraid of noises and fast movements. (For example, he runs away when you cough or sneeze) He likes affection on his terms. He suckles on my wife’s clothing which drives her batty. Obviously he imprinted upon her as his mother and never stopped that kneading and suckling habit. He also doesn’t care much for me, and for no valid reason. They have never been outside since adoption, and seem fine with living in the house 24/7. They look out the windows at the world and are satisfied to simply watch. Daisy and Wally can be found most days napping together in a twisted pile. They have been 100% healthy and get annual vet visits. Thank you for your interest and for watching.
Music: Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”…

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Four feral Kittens rescued from a junk pile in an abandoned shed.

10 thoughts on “Four feral Kittens rescued from a junk pile in an abandoned shed.

  1. Sooo beautiful, all of them. Wally has some amazing amber colored eyes! 😻😻😻 Thank you for all you do!

  2. GREAT family. Beautiful fur babes. They're all grown by now. Thank you so much for caring, for rescuing these kittens that would otherwise not make it & then giving them love & protecting them in your home. Truly, a wonderful family.

  3. I applaud you, ealrtuckian! Your big heart has made you many cat friends and thousands of human friends. May God bless you and all you do.

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