From Hiss to Purrr – Steps to Socializing a Scared Kitten – Part 1

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Here at Kitten School there’s never a shortage of fearful foster babies in need of some socialization work! Kitties who are scared of people have a very hard time getting adopted, so I take working with them very seriously. In the first of this new series we introduce Harry Winston, a beautiful 2 month old kitten who has never been around humans. Using the Social Box, we’ll start slow and easy to get him habituated to our presence. This is Video 1 of a training series.

For more in-depth about the Social Box watch this video:

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From Hiss to Purrr – Steps to Socializing a Scared Kitten – Part 1

10 thoughts on “From Hiss to Purrr – Steps to Socializing a Scared Kitten – Part 1

  1. What do you do if when you get to the point of snuggling and she only bites. She is relaxed but just doesnt want to touching her

  2. I have a kitten she is very scared and always hides under my bed or my laptop table when I approach and hisses sorry I actually don't have a social box . She won't even eat the food when I gave to her what should I do please help me

  3. Thanks. My favorite cat had kittens with my other favorite cat who sadly ran away so I am trying to socalize with her babies. I hope this works.

  4. I have a former stray 5 month old kitten named Lua and she is so fearful at any fast movements and will be loving a little then will bolt and run to a dark corner somewhere
    She does not like being pick up for more then 5 seconds and will scratch

  5. I currently am keeping three kittens in a crate kinda like the one you have Harry Winston in in this video. When I try to pick one up it’ll hiss at me. They allow me to pet them lightly but I’m not sure as to what to do to get them to calm down a little more and start trusting me more. They see me bring them food and water. They’re all so wary and nervous and I just want them to feel safe. They also sadly have fleas so I wasn’t sure if maybe that’s also making them more upset.

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