Funny Kitten Crab Walk

Kittens Video Information:

Baby Toby doing his crab walk

#crabwalk #kitten #xiedubbel

Cat in this video:
Toby: white/ grey Ragdoll cat

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#crabwalk #kittencrabwalk #halloween #crabdance #kitten

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Funny Kitten Crab Walk

10 thoughts on “Funny Kitten Crab Walk

  1. Awww Baby T boy! 💓 A Floof master from way back. 😆 I love it when they act silly. 😋

  2. Adorable! I remember when I adopted 2 little twin girls. They discovered their kitten crab walks on the same day. Sooo cute watching them mirror each other! They each discovered their tails together too. 💖🐾💖🐾💖🐾

  3. Baby Toby misunderstood when someone asked him if he'd liked to try crabbing for his dinner….🦀

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