Funny Kittens: The First Snow Ever

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In this video we will celebrate the first snow falling. This year it is early enough, so the people a bit surprised, too. But our story is about surprised cats.
The three kittens of different age are friends. The biggest is a black cat Asuad, the youngest is his little sister Chara and of middle size is their cousin Oli. They look differently, but each of them was born this year and greatly shocked with a white mystery outside. Although they are not clowns, each of them forgot to close the mouth!

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Funny Kittens: The First Snow Ever

5 thoughts on “Funny Kittens: The First Snow Ever

  1. This video is so well done! It feels magical, with good music, and it inspires me greatly. And I am sorry about your loss of Kitten Kelly. I too have lost many cats from careless drivers in the past and my heart aches for you. I wish you all the best. And again great job with your video!

  2. I see, the kittens adopted very easily to new surroundings . A bit of shock and a pound of happiness!

  3. When you think that life is a stupid nonsense, watch beautiful nature and happy cats playing in the snow. This really make a big sense.

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