Ginger kitten in shock of newborn kittens

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It’s time to introduce our ginger kitten to the newborn kittens. In this short video you will see how the little kittens, whose eyes have not yet opened, met Ginger. At first, the ginger kitten behaved ambiguously. He was curious, but he didn’t know what he could do with them. But then he remembered how his foster mother Joanna took care of him, and he showed the kittens all his love and care.
🐱 The ginger bully kitten wants to play with his foster kittens, in the absence of his mama cat –
🐱 Mama cat left the older kitten to look after her newborn kittens –
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Ginger kitten in shock of newborn kittens

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  1. Perche provano sentimenti,,gli ricorda la loro infanzia,,il latte materno,,ritornano,,piccolini,,,

  2. Головастики, расползались, ходить не можем, ползаем и попискиваем

  3. Копошатся в поисках мамочки, титю ищут, а у этого котейки ничего нет.. зато он их полижет

  4. Interesting comments rofl cats don't have complex intelligence or emotions they behave by instinct !! 🤣

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