Grandpa Mason strikes again!

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Five tiny kittens were found in a cardboard box next to a dumpster during yesterday’s rain storm. Luckily, they found their way to us, and are now safe and warm, with full bellies. ⁣

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We have given them flower names, in honor of our Stanlily:⁣
Black boy (yellow collar) – Snowdrop⁣
Black boy (blue collar) – Snapdragon⁣
Tabby girl – Azalea⁣
Grey tuxie girl – Clary Sage⁣
Dark tabby tuxie girl – Dahlia⁣

The ONLY way to prevent unwanted kittens like these from suffering is to spay and neuter your pets, and to support Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) efforts.


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Grandpa Mason strikes again!

10 thoughts on “Grandpa Mason strikes again!

  1. Grandpa only had time to shampoo his client. Someone else will do the blow drying. lol

  2. They weren’t sure how many “Days” he had left in October. It’s May and he is still alive and Grandfathering. 😋

  3. Glad to see Mason doing so well and so full of life. He is such a handsome boy, and so loving toward all the kittens. What a wonderful story he is. As a cat lover, i love hearing about things like this. So glad the kittens were found. I can't believe people do stuff like that……. but then, sadly, i realize i can believe it. I was a cop for 20 years, so i know about the depths of human depravity. Bless tou for all the work u do, and bless Grandpa Mason.

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