Helping a 3-Legged Kitten After Amputation Surgery

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*CW: non-graphic post-surgical scar on a kitten, may be upsetting to some viewers* Jez needed amputation surgery after breaking his leg badly as a baby kitten. In this video, I share my experience fostering a three-legged kitten in the days after surgery, and show you that tripod cats can get around BEAUTIFULLY! Jez is doing GREAT and you can see him in his new home at @wolfgang_and_puck

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Helping a 3-Legged Kitten After Amputation Surgery

10 thoughts on “Helping a 3-Legged Kitten After Amputation Surgery

  1. Jez is the prettiest dang cat I ever have seen! Those white rings around his eyes make him so so so gorgeous

  2. Omg I used to have a cat with 3 legs named Tom. He was hit by a car when he was just a baby but my aunt rescued him, so he adapted (he looked just like Jazz!!) My mom had a white cat named Sanatra (but 6 year old me called her Sinny Binny) who had 4. I canโ€™t remember why, but she had to get her leg amputated as well. She actually got really sad and would barely move around. Tom actually taught her how to walk on 3 legs. It was so sweet, when she passed away Tom did too shortly within each other. (Kinda like elderly married couples do sometimes). RIP Tom and Sinny Binny

  3. What kind of pain meds do they give to a little kitten and how do they figure the dosage

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