Helping a Feral Kitten Become Friendly (Step by Step How-To!)

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In this video, I give you 11 tips for working with hissy feral kittens. Watch as I socialize my feral foster kitten Crabapple, and help him go from WILD to MILD!

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Helping a Feral Kitten Become Friendly (Step by Step How-To!)

10 thoughts on “Helping a Feral Kitten Become Friendly (Step by Step How-To!)

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  2. Gee, I never had a problem with that. I just let them do what they wanted. Some of my cats were feral all their lives.But they would still come in & sleep with Auggie Doggie.

  3. This is a trick my dad taught me to socialize his dogs. I tried it on a feral kitten I found and it worked… A bit too well. She found where I lived and meowed to get inside. It's been 10 years since! Now she's a stay at home cat and tries to prevent me from leaving the apartment 💕

  4. Great job. However in my experience talking is just as important as cuddling. In fact it is the primary way to develop a relationship with your cat throughout their life. (Steve, cat whisperer). Love.

  5. My cats were feral but they still had an awesome relationship with us. This is a story about two of my cats. It all started with my mom and my two older brothers.(And my grandmas cats.) When my mom found a mama cat and 4-6 kittens. It was fall at the time so it
    was too hot but just okay for them. My mom had captured these two kittens named Fluffybutt and Gangy. My mom caught Fluffybutt while playing with a leaf, and caught Gangy the same way. They looked about 1-2 months old, but we were not sure. Come three weeks we thought Fluffbutt was a girl, and Gangy was a boy. Then we found a mama cat and in our apartment we found Fluffybutt doing the deed on the mama cat. We called her Nancy (preg*Nancy*) and had 6 kittens. 3 boys and 3 girls. To cut it short my grandma took them and we never saw them since. I had no reason for this story but I just wanted to say it.

  6. You are my role model. I am 13, when we first caught kittens they were siblings, one of them didn't make it and I was devastated and I blamed myself. They were mean at first but the one that did survive is super duper chill now. He is my cat son! Also I learned from the one that passed away, and I was able to keep a litter of four alive, I was so proud and happy, and I couldn't have done it without my parents and my cat. You really really inspired me, thank you so much!

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