Helping Kittens Survive Pneumonia

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Helping Kittens Survive Pneumonia

10 thoughts on “Helping Kittens Survive Pneumonia

  1. Thank you so much Hannah! One of the kittens in my cats litter is having this and I was in a state of panic. Took the kitten to the vet and got the medication. Hoping for the best now. Thanks again.

  2. I found a kitten crying in a box she is a week old I have never dealt with a kitten this young before. I am really stressed. I dont know how to deal
    With kittens i ordered the right sized nipple the bigger ones she wont take. The problem with that is she snorted a tad and i worry that it can be harmful if that happens. She has been sneezing every so often since i found her is this something I should worry about? I got her to nibble on my finger so i put drops on hand finger she gets a little that way but not enough so I worry about dehydration and her not getting food. Her mom is a stray But i have been feeding her for a year and gained her trust she came in last night to eat and she nursed her but not enough as she needs. Idk where the stray mama keeps her kittens but just random this kitten was placed in a box with a square cut out of it so someone pit her there and I cant help but wonder why. Any advise? 😞 thank you in advance

  3. I just took on a two-week-old kitten on Tuesday. She and her brother had upper respiratory infection. They were being treated with Clavamox. She was doing so well then she started labored breathing Saturday night and not eating and by the time we could get her to an emergency vet, they determined that her situation was grave and she was euthanized. It was a kindness, in my opinion. I had pneumonia several years ago and I tell you, if euthanasia had been offered at the time to me, I would have gladly agreed to it.

    Pneumonia is bad bad bad.

  4. My kitten has pneumonia
    But my parents refuse to believe me and now she’s gonna be heavily injured and possibly die

  5. Sad face i had numona and my kidnys were failing i allmost died so i feel the kiddys pain😢😭😿i had a needle in my back draining flooeds i hope kiddy makes it sad face i pray for kiddy❣🤞🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

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