Homeless kittens crying out loud for Mother cat

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A girl found a dead cat while traveling on the road. The girl took the cat to the side of the road and from there she could hear the kittens crying. The girl contacted us that such is a case. We were quite far away at that time. We requested the girl to try to catch the kittens and also make a video.

Three kittens were found from this place. When we got there, we asked people here and there if they had seen their mother. An old man said that the dead cat is not their mother. Rather, their mother is someone else.

We put a small piece of meat inside the cage that we use to catch the cat, so that the cat comes smelling it.As you will see in the video, we finally managed to catch the cat and the oldman told us that it was the same cat he had seen feeding the kittens.

When we brought these kittens and cat home, Lucy cat loved the kittens so much as if they were her own children. But the mother of these kittens was quarreling with Lucy. For this reason we have kept the kittens separate from Molly and Lucy cat.

We have named this new cat Zoe and we currently keep her in our bedroom. The kittens also went to Molly cat while playing. She expressed a lot of anger and got up and left. The cat and her kittens are in our house. They are very happy. We already have so many kittens. If any of you want to adopt them, please contact us.


Hello Friends My channel is about stray cats I live in Punjab, thousands of stray cats and kittens live where I live and unfortunately they are very hungry. They need food, love and attention. I feed them every day and offer my love When they see me they start meowing and following me, I love cats. I WANT A WORLD WHERE ALL CATS LIVE HAPPY DON’T LET CATS TO STAY Hungry If you want to help me, you can support me by watching my videos until the end and you can subscribe to the channel by clicking the subscribe button

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Homeless kittens crying out loud for Mother cat

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  1. Your such a gentle person, thank you for helping and caring for such precious kittens..thank you ❣️❣️❣️❣️😿❣️

  2. That Mama cat is not a stray or feral. She'd too much at home in your home. You are so good to take them in. and your baby is absolutely darling!

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