How I Treat a Kitten or Cat Eye Infection at Home

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One of the most common health issues with cats and kittens is infection of the eyes (conjunctivitis). There are numerous ways a cat’s eye can become infected or damaged and proper treatment of the eye is crucial to ensure a complete recovery. In this video we will look at how to treat kittens suffering from conjunctivitis (infection of the eye tissue) as a result of Upper Respiratory Infections. The symptoms are swollen, reddened eyelids, oozing puss, and sometimes eyes sealed shut with crust. Remember, it is ALWAYS best to take a sick or injured cat to a vet for treatment. But I realize that many people do not have access to veterinary care. In this series of videos, I will show you basic care you can do at home to help your cat. Eye infections often require antibiotics for complete recovery, and an untreated eye can be permanently damaged and even in some cases cause death. If you have a cat suffering from an eye issue, I urge you to read more from these professional veterinary sources so you can be best equipped to care for your cat:

The cat-safe Terramycin ointment for eye infections can be purchased at online stores without a prescription in the US. Google: Terramycin Ophthalmic Ointment for find buying options.

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How I Treat a Kitten or Cat Eye Infection at Home

10 thoughts on “How I Treat a Kitten or Cat Eye Infection at Home

  1. My stepmom brought a tiny baby kitty to me this morning. Its probably 4 weeks at most. Its eyes are swollen and have lots of crust and oozing clear liquid. I washed him and clean his face. I have some eye infection ointment my eye doctor wrote for one of my kids and I've been using it today. Its Sunday so no vets open.

  2. Thank you. There’s this stray cat I take care of but I’m not able to adopt it nor take it to the vet, hence my parents. His eyes are watering super badly but this video gave me at least some information on helping the boy. Thank you!

  3. I found 4 kittens and their mom at a factory where I work security. Their eyes have never been open they were so crusted up. I used a compress to clean them up. Will they go blind if im unable to get antibiotics let alone manage to wrangle them all back up again several times a day?

  4. one of my kittens had that and it died… not cool… i was cleaning it but i think the infection got to it.. it was 3 weeks old.. another had it too but it is getting better..

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