How Often Should a CAT EAT? 🐱 (Newborns, Kittens and Adults)

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🐈 Do you want to know how a cat should eat in a day? In this AnimalWised video about feline feeding, we explain how many times a day a cat should eat depending on whether it is newborn, kitten or adult. Find out everything about feeding cats!


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How Often Should a CAT EAT? 🐱 (Newborns, Kittens and Adults)

9 thoughts on “How Often Should a CAT EAT? 🐱 (Newborns, Kittens and Adults)

  1. If i use the β€œ Free feeding” diet on my cat she would finish it in the first meal

  2. Where can I get a proper recipe for the home cooked meal with carrots, shown in the video? There are a bunch of sites, but I need a recipe from a reputable source, such as a vet.

  3. Thanks for the video! Spacing out and rationing the food may be more troublesome but it may also prevent overeating as well. Sometimes overeating can cause the cat to puke so it really depends on the cat

  4. I usually try to share my dinner with my cat. My orange boy is a very picky eater, but he loves hamburger and ice cream. He is a big butthead

  5. I have 2 cats.
    Cat A will scarf his food, and Cat B nibbles, leaving some.
    Then Cat A will go and eat the remainder of Cat B's.
    So, I feed them 3x a day, 1/4 cup of dry food. When Cat B is done, I'll put his food up, and he'll usually let me know when he's hungry again. (THOUGH I try not to give him it within an hour of the next meal.)

    They have a 2L water fountain… and between them, can empty it in a day or 18 hours.

  6. I feed very intuitively…twice a day wet food, free feeding dry.
    If one or both became obese, I would adapt them to a food with more fiber and a less calorie-dense wet food.

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