How to Bottle Feed Kittens

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Expert cat foster Cheri teaches how to feed kittens in this episode of How To Foster Kittens
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Cheri Friedman, Ryan Kemp, Gabriel Evans

How to Bottle Feed Kittens

10 thoughts on “How to Bottle Feed Kittens

  1. Help to baby bottle kittens years ago…Such a riot…I like to see full tummies and watch them curl up and nap or sleep purring away…

  2. Thank you so much for this video! I just began fostering and am currently only taking care of kittens over 2 lbs who are eating independently but am going to start fostering ones that will require bottle feeding. I do have one question though. What type of formula are you using? Is it baby formula? If so, is there a specific brand that is preferable?
    The world needs more people like you <3 >'.'<

    Gratitude Always!

  3. My kitten got a disease……her eyes got red and dirty and continuously flowing nose

  4. My friend has a bottle with smaller spout like a flexible eye dropper. The kittens are nearly five weeks old but don't seem to want the bottle or milk. They don't suck at all. It is cold cow milk. The mother either isn't nursing them enough or ? Several have thrown up the mother's milk. One has died. What is going on?

  5. Omg, why so much talk on all these videos? Please just show how to feed a kitten. The pre feeding should be on a diff video. No one has made a simple feeding show video without all the chatter. I love that you care, but oyeee

  6. I do have a question! I am using Four Paws Pet Nurser bottles, and having issues with the nipple. No matter how many times I put holes in the tip of it, nothing will come out of it. Any tips on what to do? I am fostering a two week old kitten.

  7. can you help me? my kitten is one eye blind and it's like 2months but still small than the others because it didnt ate well due to the eyes disease. it eyes are under treatment now but for these some times it still cant see much?
    so when i wanna bottle feed it, it kind of refuse and I'm scare to kind of gently push the bottle's nipple to it mouth incase it's not the proper way to do.. since it's ubder quarantine, i was suggested not to let it be close to it's mom since it's mom gonna lick it's eyes to clean it too.. so i tryna feed it manually with bottle milk but i cant properly hold its head due to its eyes. I'm scare tht i might hurts it. it getting skinnier too that I'm scare.. it cant find it way to eat because it cant see.. please help me?

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