How to CARE for a KITTEN – Food, Education and Health

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If you have just adopted a kitten in to your home or are even just thinking about it, there is a lot you need to know. In this AnimalWised video, we show you everything you need about ‘How to CARE for a KITTEN – Food, Education and Health’. By adopting a kitten, we take on the responsibility of looking after all of their basic needs and doing everything we can to help them have a happy and healthy life. This means knowing what their basic needs are and how we can meet them. Their food, hygiene, education, socialization, habits and health are all key areas we need to provide for. A kitten’s young age doesn’t just make them physically vulnerable, they also need their mental ability to be encouraged. Here’s how you do both. We also have some helpful related videos you can check out, especially one for weaning kittens on to solid food: – Cat Scratching Tress – Homemade Food for Cats – Weaning Kittens

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How to CARE for a KITTEN – Food, Education and Health

10 thoughts on “How to CARE for a KITTEN – Food, Education and Health

  1. This is not in my recommendations and I manually search this because I just found a black kitten this afternoon and she's so clingy

  2. Hey I just adopted my 7 month kitten 2 days ago , he is drinking sufficiently and peeing also but he is not eating or pooping (for 48 hours)I have tried two brands of dry kitten food and wet kitten food. He is very cuddly but I am concerned about him pls suggest something so that I can get him to eat.pls help: (

  3. I've been looking for a kitten for a long time and finally found one. I'm going to pick her up this morning. Virtually maintenance free unlike a dog.

  4. I'm getting a 3 month old kitten tomorrow! I'm so excited! I already know how to take care of a cat but i'm watching this just in case.

  5. I have adopted a 2 months old kitten and now I'm worried it will not grow up properly cause I had no idea about the separation issues as obvious as it might sound. I just wanted to give a kitten a home and just then someone told me "be patient with it cause it has just been separated from her mom and brother" …. she was supposed to be 4 months old that's what they told me when I contacted. Now I'm so guilty. I'm doing everything I can to make her happy. The vet the food the health. But she is still so afraid of me after 4 days. I'm thinking of maybe bringing an older cat?? Giving it more time?

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