How to Care for a Mama Cat & Kittens (3 Top Tips!)

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Find more information on how to care for a mama cat, including links to my favorite supplies, at

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How to Care for a Mama Cat & Kittens (3 Top Tips!)

10 thoughts on “How to Care for a Mama Cat & Kittens (3 Top Tips!)

  1. When we had a pregnant cat we'd just put a biq shoe box on the back of the closet (it didn't have a door so she couldn't get trapped) and put one of her favorite blankets or towels in it and showed her then let her be through her pregnancy and she went straight to it when it was time without fail, she was however a completely domestic house cat and was damn smart even for a cat

  2. i love your videos! they are so helpful my cat is pregnant and i need to be prepared thank you!

  3. so i need to feed her kitten food and get her a nice area to nurse and take care of her babys! can do!!!!

  4. I’ve got a cat that’s just had kittens and when the kittens are feeding from mum they keep making a funny noise like there growling or meowing or whining and I don’t know why? What’s your thoughts on this?

  5. my mammaw wants to breed my cat! i hope i can get to do this for my baby girl!

  6. Here's a question for KL Hannah: Do mother cats get resentful or jealous when a human picks up their kittens?

  7. Thank you so much for the tips because I just found out my baby senior cat it's pregnant so thank you

  8. i disagree with spaying and neutering. people do it for their own comfort, not the animals

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