How to Feed 1 month old Kittens – Khaleesi’s Kittens Part 4

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Part Four: A whole month has gone by since Khaleesi’s kittens were born and there have been so many changes to these beautiful babies! We are now climbing, exploring, and meeting other foster kittens. And although the kittens are still nursing, this is the time to introduce them to solid food. Here’s how to do that and more!

Kittens are AMAZING little creatures, but cat population is out of control all over the world To ensure all cats get the chance to find a loving forever home, please SPAY or NUETER your cat!

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How to Feed 1 month old Kittens – Khaleesi’s Kittens Part 4

10 thoughts on “How to Feed 1 month old Kittens – Khaleesi’s Kittens Part 4

  1. Oh my gosh~ They're just the most adorable kittens ever!~ Especially when they're together tumbling and falling and exploring and all .w.
    I really like the one that has the black spots too =3

  2. Caroline… Thanks for the tub idea.. It made syringe & bowl feeding so much easier for clean up =^..^=

  3. I just rescued a kitten from underneath my trailer that was abandoned by its mother. Im guessing she is about 3 weeks old. Shes walking, interested in things and im trying to start getting her to eat out of a bowl. (I purchased some kitten milk) I have no clue what i am doing, I'm just using my knowledge of caring for human babies because i have 4 kids so i know a little.I was just wondering If there is any kind of tips, or oppinions you can give to me. It would be greatly appreciated. I have never owned a cat let alone a kitten who depends on me so much. Im afraid im not doing it right and don't want her to be nsglected because of my lack of wisdom.

  4. My kitten 2 months old, does not like to drink milk or water. What can I do? Pls help

  5. How much food should a one month old kitten eat per day? (Please give in terms of grams as I'm currently trying to feed him "Whiskas" kitten food and they are in sachet's of about 85 grams each)

  6. I'm about to parent a 1 month kitten and can't wait. My cat of 18 yrs old was euthanized in April and I miss him but can't wait to care for a new feline fur baby!!

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